What do the Professionals say about SEK Productions?

SHOUT! hollerin’ at a home town hero. SEK productions…

I always talk about how lucky I am to work with the couples that I do but I don’t often mention how incredible some of the vendors I work with are. I have a friends page on my website with a few of my favorites but I think I should step it up a little. Starting with a few home town heros.
Chris DiNardo, of SEK productions, is a flawless DJ. He keeps every crowd moving, fills the room with energy. He’s relentless. I refer these fellas every chance I get because they’re good! SEK Productions provides lighting that can completely transform a room. There is a lot of power in the hands of the DJ you choose and the atmosphere in the room. These guys don’t disappoint. I like em. Thanks Karen and Annunciate for choosing a room full of awesome pros!






written by Julia Freeman at Photography by Julia
Cherry Hill weddings disc jockey SEK Productions