Wash the Room!

The purpose of the room wash is to ensure that guests can see each other and look great, and the food looks appetizing. The room should never be too dark, yet nothing is worse than going to an event that uses house lighting on at 100 percent. We love using a Coemar I Cyc 250 in 100 percent magenta: Women look beautiful, guys look handsome, food looks scrumptious, the crystal gleams, and the room has a warm glow that makes guests feel comfortable.

A room or tent can be completely transformed using a wash of one color on the walls with another color on the ceilings, and having an ETC Source Four fixture project a geometric pattern or theme-oriented pattern such as palm trees on the walls.  Our design team will walk you through our process and work with you to see if this option is best for your event.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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