Texture Lighting (The Next Level)

Texture lighting is an effect created by adding layers of lights using a variety of patterns. A lot of texture lighting is usually placed over walls that are already washed in color with LED or conventional lighting to add yet another dynamic to the atmosphere of your wedding or event. It’s a beautiful way to add more depth to decorations, room, and ambiance with out personally doing any more work.  The effect is usually created with a set of lekos or moving lights and a metal stencil called a gobo that can project different patterns the same way a monogram works. These patterns can be a variety of different images from stripes, cityscapes, floral designs, clouds, dots, stars, etc – and can be totally customized to be anything you want.  The possibilities are litterally endless and are totally open to your creativity and what you desire. The best part of texture lighting is the ability to make your event more than just colored walls and be able to create a more stunning atmosphere that is personalized to your theme or vision.  Give us a call today to review your options with our texture lighting!

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